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THE PURPOSE OF HISTORIC SALIDA IS To research, preserve, interpret, and promote historic resources in and near Chaffee County.
We would like to see the historic preservation movement flower in Salida and Chaffee County in balance with retaining the character and spirit of the community. We want to focus particularly on resources that are disappearing.

Educate and coach others about our history and how to preserve our past.
We have an obligation to the people who live in the community, including children, to help them appreciate the importance of living in an important historic area.

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 Preserve the surviving traces of our past through a strong and comprehensive historic preservation program.
We want to preserve the flavor of the community, not just its buildings, avoiding "disney-fication" and gentrification. Reusing historic buildings appropriately and economically for modern functions is an excellent way to ensure their preservation. Preservation is also environmentally sustainable because it recycles masses of material. We need to develop programs that will assist owners of historic properties in preserving and using their buildings and sites.

 Support historic preservation by providing a sustainable organization to conduct a comprehensive program through time.
Such an organization brings people with common interests together. At the beginning, we will concentrate on Salida and the area immediately surrounding it. Eventually, if there is need and interest, we will consider expanding the focus area.



      Find and disseminate information about our past.
    •  Collect, document, and tell or show stories to preserve our lifeways and arts.
    • Collection information about the broad patterns and the specific details of our history and its tangible traces.
    • Develop publications (including one with information about all the historic buildings in the area.)

    Developed Ghost Sign Brochure.
    • Established the Oral History Program with partner Salida Regional Library.
    • Developed Fairview Cemetery Brochure.
    • Provide general education about historic resources.
    Develop knowledge and sensitivity about how and why to preserve the traces of our cultural heritage by such means as:
    Providing experiences and examples for people considering buying an old building.
    • Helping others understand the basic principles and ethics of historic preservation.
    • Publicizing the economic benefits of historic preservation.
    •Advocating and supporting good historic preservation practice in the community.
    • Helping dispel the negative myths about historic preservation.

    Mailed a Property Owner Letter to downtown property owners offering assistance with preservation.
    • Held a Historic Structure Assessment (HSA) Workshop
    • Developed Fairview Cemetery Brochure.
    • Held the Downtown Looking Up Workshop, featuring nationally recognized speaker and local property owners.
    • Established a Main Street Task Force to investigate feasibility of local Main Street Program. The Task Force conducted two Coming together for our Town Retreats, which resulted in the City Council-approved Historic Downtown Improvement and Economic Sustainability Plan 2007 (available on City website).
    •Offered scholarships to Colorado Mountain College Historic Preservation Program.
    • Offered scholarships for attendance at Colorado Preservation, Inc. Saving Places Conference.
    ª Help members of the community and visitors enjoy our authentic resources without compromising their integrity (through heritage tourism.)

    Held Home Tour.
    • Held Upstairs/Downstairs Tour of  Historic Downtown.
    • Held 'Salida Style' Tour of Architecture around Alpine Park.
    • Developed Chaffee County Heritage Area in partnership with Chaffee County and GARNA, with HSI position on the board.
    • With Heritage Board, established and conducted planning for Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway.


    Encourage higher usage downtown, especially upstairs.
    • Promote the development and use of community facilities in historic structures.
    • Encourage infill construction that does not mimic historic architecture but is compatible with it.
    • Survey neighborhoods and agricultural properties to identify potential districts.

    Facilitated donation of Valley View School to the School District.
    • Developed nomination of Valley View School to the National Register of Historic Places.
    • Sponsored grant for Historic Structure Assessment, Valley View School.
    • Supported local landmarking and planning for Unique Theater.
    • Advocated for fand assisted the City of Salida with surveying resources in the Alpine Park Neighborhood and Rio Grande Hospital Neighborhood for potential historic districts.
    • Provided letters of support for grant applications for various local preservation projects such as Hutchinson Ranch, Kesner Junior High School, Unique Theater, and Poncha Springs Town Hall.


    Develop and implement an organization structure.
    • Work in partnership with others.
    • Conduct fundraising.

    Historic Salida, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation with Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and a permanent Board of Directors.
    • Developed a membership and dues structure to support operation of the organization.
    • Developed partnerships with Salida Museum Association, Salida Regional Library (Oral History and Archives), GARNA, SPOT, Chaffee County Heritage Board, Downtown Property Owners, Salida Business Alliance, and others.